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If you had a sword in real life, what would you name it?

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I am not your enemy

Your enemy is beside you

Your enemy steals and murders your children

Your enemy has nothing for you but chains and suffering and commands

I do not bring you commands

I bring you a choice

And I bring your enemies what they deserve

                           - Daenerys Targaryen

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do you ever just get a vibe that someone has a crush on you and then you’re not sure if they actually do or if you’re just really really self-absorbed

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White people destroyed 3/4s of the world for spices and have the nerve not to season their food.

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i just want someone who will text me every 10 minutes and be ok with the fact im a 7

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studies show that the solution to literally every single case of “i swear ive seen that actor before but i absolutely cannot think of where” is that they were on an episode of law & order 5 years ago

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anne, when the tide comes in (via anneisrestless)

You flow back into me so
easily because I never
stood up long enough to
fill the riverbeds back in.

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Your neck looks best when you
are drinking wine right from the
bottle and I know the length you
like to keep your fingernails. You
are cute when you hum to music
and think no one is listening. I
like to watch your hands when
you are talking on the phone and
imagining I’m the only person in
the world who knows these details.
If you ever go missing, I will
describe you to the police by
explaining the way your breath
sounds and how your jaw looks
when you are laughing.
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